The Nordberg's Est. 2004

This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We went on Trax the other night with Chan and Jason, their boys and My mother and Father in law to go see the lights at the Temple. The girls had a great time! It was so cold out! And I cant believe how many people there were!! I was a little disappointed, because Brad and I have this special little spot where he proposed, and all the lights on the trees are normally hot pink, but this year they are orange!! But, what can you do? The girls actually sat in the stroller the whole time with very little complaining! And they loved the big statue of Jesus! I love going to Temple Square, it is so pretty!

Christmas Time

A couple weeks before Christmas, The girls and I decorated our gingerbread house, the girls mostly just ate the candy and frosting, but we had fun! And when I threw it in the trash yesterday, Mckensi was VERY upset!! She also didnt like the fact that all the Christmas decorations were coming down!! We had a great time on Christmas Eve, Watching The Grinch, making cookies for Santa, and opening Christmas Jammies! Christmas Day was Busy, Busy! We got up, opened gifts, got ready, went to Gramma Teresa and Papa's, back home for a nap, then to Brook and Kevin's, Then to Gramma Holly's! We were exhausted by the end of the day, and our house was a total disaster! But we had so much fun spending the day with our families! Although, the weather was horrible! It took us over 30 Min to get somewhere that normally takes 10! Glad we all got where we were going safely!! I cant believe its New Years already! Time Flies!!

Disney On Ice

My friend Maria works for KBULL 93, so luckily she got us FREE tickets to Disney On Ice, We took our oldest girls since the little ones are out of control!! They had such a good time! Mckensi LOVES anything Disney! I cant wait to take her to Disneyland sometime soon!!