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This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a........

GIRL! We knew it! She was so cute just moving all around and still sucking that thumb! I cant wait until we can do 3D and see what she looks like! Cant wait to meet you little girl! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas this year! We went to my dads the night before Christmas Eve (I of course forgot the camera) and we saw my mom on Christmas Eve which was nice, it made Christmas day a little less hectic. Seems like we are always running everywhere that day! Our Christmas Eve was the usual tradition, the girls opened their Christmas jammies from Mommy and Daddy, then we baked chocolate chip cookies for Santa while we watched "The Jim Carrey Grinch" then put the cookies and milk out, then outside to put the reindeer food on the grass. Santa sure loved the cookies this year! :) Poor Ellie goes to bed at 6:30 PM, so missed most of the festivities! She decided to get up at 5:40 the next morning, so we let Kensi and Brinley sleep until 6:10 then got them up. They got the barbie house they have been wanting from Santa, along with some clothes, new backpacks for next year, some VERY cute usborne books, and a bunch of other stuff. And they all got a ton of other stuff from Gramma's, Papa's, cousins and aunts and uncles! So much in fact I may have to get rid of some current toys to make room! I dont know how we are going to jam all of their stuff into the new toy room once its done! Right now it has taken over the whole basement!! Brad and I got a million gift cards to various restaurants, so we have lots of date nights ahead of us which is always great! We had a wonderful time visiting our families, and watching our babies have a blast! I do have to say I am happy its over though, I cant wait to get my house back in order!!

7 Months!

Ellie is already 7 months old! She is still sleeping all night, going to bed at 6:30 PM and up at 6-6:40 AM. She is an early riser! She is eating all baby foods and loves the little puffs. She has this new little smile you will see in most pictures, her mouth shut with her bottom lip sucked in, she is so funny! Her favorite word is "dada", she says it non-stop. She is almost crawling, cant quite get the hang of it yet, but can spin in a full circle. Seperation anxiety is also starting to set in, she is not happy when I leave the room! Still no teeth, or no sitting up, although she is trying! She just gets to excited, starts kicking like crazy and falls over! She had her first Christmas, wasnt scared of Santa, and LOVED the wrapping paper! Her new favorite food is mashed potatoes. Oh, and just yesterday she waved for the first time! I hope Im not forgetting any milestones! She is still the happiest little thing ever and rarely cries!! Love you monkey!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

So we went to fetal studio last night to find out what baby was. At first he said 95% girl, then he looked a little more and said there was a little something making him wonder if it was a boy. But the baby is just a little to small to be sure. So we will go back next Wed and he should be able to tell!! It was so cute, sucking its little thumb the whole time and moving around all over the place!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

check up and Ellie's photo shoot

I went to the Dr today for my 11 1/2 week check up, baby looks great and so cute! I got another mini ultrasound and saw the baby that now looks like a little bean with a heartbeat! So cute! Everything else was good. Ellie had her 6 month pictures taken last week, I dont have the disk yet, but here is the link for the slideshow if you want to see them. I think they turned out really cute considering she would NOT smile!! Which isnt normal for her!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus

We took the girls to the mall today to see Santa. They were very patient during the 1 hour wait! Brinley was a little nervous, but they all did great and even told him they wanted a big barbie house, which is perfect since thats what Santa is getting them! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

6 month check-up

My poor baby had to get 4 shots today! She is 15 lbs 10oz (50%) and 26 inches (75%) Needs to eat less baby food and drink more milk! Dr wants her heavier because she is so tall! Oh, and ahead on milestones! She can say "mama" and "baba" and starting to say "papa"! Such a big girl!