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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well our summer has been nothing but boring so far! I had so much going on and so much to do right before I had Berklee that we didnt do much, now were kind of stuck in the house by the time we all get up and going and nap, the day is pretty much over! We got a Wii finally now that they have been out for a million years! So the girls love that. They have been playing really good and keeping themselves busy, but no fun activities as of now!


Ben and Heidi said...

It gets hard being stuck in the house during the summer but with a tiny new baby that is what happens! Lots of cute pictures

Amber & Dustin Forman said...

At least your girls are old enough to entertain each other..I'm sure that helps a lot! The Wii, I'm sure is doing a lot for them, as far as keeping things fun. :)