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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

15 months!!

Ellie Mae is 15 months old! Holy cow!! She is just so stinkin cute! She went for her check-up, and is 22lbs 7oz (45th%) and 31 3/4 inches (90th%) the dr. said if she keeps growing at this rate she will be 5'8". There was a tragedy, we lost her softie somewhere, and its irreplaceable! They no longer make the minky that hers was made out of, luckily I did make a "big" softie that she sleeps with every night, but she is over carrying it around everywhere! This little girl is definetly our monkey! She climbs on anything and everything! She is always trying to get into the baby swing! She loves to eat, and still loves her milky in a baba! Its been impossible to get her off it because of Berklee having one. She lays on the ground and rolls around, arching up when she throws a fit, but it doesnt happen that often. She LOVES her daddy more than anything! Always pointing at pictures of him saying Dada! She is saying a lot of new words lately, "ookie" is cracker, "ink" is drink, "mooa" is eat or more and her FAVORITE thing in the world right now, "amo" Elmo! She loves to play outside and with her sisters, and feels very left out when they go somewhere without her! We all love you monkas!! Oh and I forgot to add, that she also knows her eyes, nose and ears, and will poke you in the eyes everyday to show you!


Ben and Heidi said...

She is so cute! sweet little face