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This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I went to the festival of trees last week with Brad's family and I decided to bring the Kensi and Brinley. Almost all of them have a picture of a baby or person that died that the tree is in memory of, all of the sudden I look down at Kensi who is hugging me and she is bawling her little eyes out. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was so sad that all of these babies had to die! She is so sweet and has such a tender loving heart!

Ellie threw up in the night last week when I was at work, I talked to Brad at approx 2:30, he called me back at 3:30 and said he heard a door open and shut, so he got up and went in Kensi and Brinley's room. They were sitting on their little couch all dressed with hair done watching Spongebob! He asked what the heck they were doing and they said they were waiting to go to gramma's house! They had no idea it was the middle of the night! Silly girls!

I was getting after the older girls' recently for not keeping their room clean, and Ellie ran down to Brad and said "Mommy sho mad!"

The only way to get Ellie to take a nap is to tell her we will go "bye bye" when she wakes up, and she always says, "ok, go bye bye yater?"

Brinley has been so goofy lately, she does these funny little dance moves, and doesnt get embarrassed about it at all. She will totally have her daddy's personality.

We have a tiny little screwdriver that we use to unlock our bedroom doors, Ellie figured it out, so you see her all the time carrying it around sticking it in the doorknobs.

Berklee's favorite thing to do is to play in the pantry. We find syrup bottles, kyro syrup, peanut butter, anything on the low shelves all over the house.

Ellie's favorite song right now is 'We are never getting back together' by Taylor Swift. She will start singing it out of nowhere, and knows all of the words. Usually this happens in the grocery store.

Brinley: "Mom, your a good mom cuz some mom's treat their house like garbage..."

Ellie just loves Shyla, our very old dog. She always says to me, "Mommy, shyya my fwiend!"

I know there have been more funny things said and happening in this house so Ill have to update when I remember them....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

The week before Halloween we gave the girls their buckets, thats one of our traditions, they always get Halloween jammies, usually a movie or book and a fun treat. They were thrilled! We actually carved pumpkins this year too, the girls did most of them alone and they were very proud.

The day of we started out with Kensi's parade at school, she was Frankie Stein from Monster High, I think I counted another 30 in her school who were also Frankie. Then Brinley's parade in the afternoon. She was Dorothy and looked so cute. We had everyone over that night for chili and trick or treating. The girls got so much candy, Kensi counted out 95 pieces just out of her bucket. Ellie was a cute little witch and Berklee was a doo-wop girl. I love seeing my little 2 in hand me downs from the older 2, brings back great memories, plus they all look so much a like. I was sad to take down all my decor, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and October is such a fun month! Until next year All Hallows Eve.......

15 months

My baby is almost 1.5 years old, cant believe it! She went to the Dr today for her check-up, she is just perfect! She weighs 21 lbs 3oz (30%) and is 30 inches (25%) still just a petite little thing. She had to get 3 shots, didnt cry for the 1st and only cried after the last 2 until I picked her up. Then she passed out in the car, poor baby! She is saying mama, dada, and jibberish. Thats about it. She loves to throw clothes all over the place out of the basket, but she actually puts them back in if you tell her to. She is great at the stairs, but gets nervous to come down, so if you put her on her tummy and turn her around shell fly down. She LOVES to throw a fit!! And she is great at it! She just throws her self down on the floor, carefully, and screams until you give her what she wants. Her favorite snack is milk, gram crackers, string cheese and bananas. She is getting up between 730-830 in the morning, sleeping for around 2.5 hrs in the afternoon, then bed at 8. She loves her sleep, I hope she always does. She loves to play patty cake, peek-a-boo and "you chase me" and she LOVES to be tickled! Whenever she hears the garage in the evening she just knows its Daddy and screams at the top of her lungs, she gets SO excited! I posted this 3 months late! woops! Love you baby girl! about

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Mckensi!!

Mckensi is 7! I can't believe it! Her birthday was Friday, so we let her and Brinley miss school. She picked Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, we went with my mom and my gramma. Then she wanted to shop at Target, she was looking for the Justin Beiber singing toothbrush and this nail stamp thing. We picked up her friend Lauren for a sleep over, then my family came over for pizza and cake. The next morning we picked up her other friend Ryan and headed to Classic Skating. They didn't skate, but spent almost 3 hours straight on the waterslides, they are so perfect for kids her age. After that we went to Menchie's for some fro-yo and dropped her friends off. They had such a blast! Sunday morning we went to Brad's parents for pancakes and swimming to celebrate with his side of the family. Kensi got TONS of Monster High stuff, which is exactly what she wanted. She got make up, money and a gift card to the Disney Store, another favorite of all of ours! She has already put all of her cash in the Disneyland piggy bank, such a good saver! I hope you had a great birthday Kensi!! We love you so much, your so smart and are such a great helper around this crazy house!! I can't believe its been 7 years since you were born, it feels like yesterday......

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summertime Random

This summer has flown by. The girls only got about 3 weeks off from school, so we tried to do a lot, but its still hard with the little 2 napping. Here are some random pics. I always forget my camera when we go places!

Berklee loves to play on the stairs
playing with Peyton
vampire teeth!
big girls!


So I officially have 2 kids in elementary school! Brinley had her 1st day of kindergarten today (8/2), she was so nervous all day and had butterflies in her tummy. We all went with her, and Brad stayed for the first half hour. She LOVED it! She was so sad her 2nd day was Friday, and early day. She cant wait to go back! She also picked her outfit all by herself!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2nd grade

Kensi started 2nd grade yesterday. Brad and I took her to meet her teacher before class, she seems really nice and Kensi likes her. I cant believe she is getting so big so fast!! She picked this outfit all by herself at The Children's Place.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

1 year old!

I can't believe my baby is a year old already. This year has just flown by, Berklee is still my baby and will be forever, but she is such a big girl now! She has 4 teeth, the 2 bottom middle, and her top 2 K9's, she looks like a vampire! Her favorite food is yogurt and french fries (not together), bad I know, but what can you do? She will still eat some baby foods but mostly just wants what we are having. This kid has as much hair as Ellie! Its also the darkest out of all the girls. She sleeps until 10 every day unless I wake her up, or Ellie does, she gets so excited to see her in the morning. Nap time is from about 1230-330 and bed at 730 or 8. She can go up the stairs (FAST!) but not down, she loves to be "chased" up the stairs and tickled. We get kisses like crazy, and smiles like crazy. She is taking a few wobbly steps, Im starting to encourage walking more, life will get harder when she is done crawling. I took her to the doctor for her check-up last week and she weighs 18 lbs 8 oz (15%) and is 20 something inches (ill come back and fill that in when I find the paper!) but she is only 25% for height. So she is just a petite little thing. She can say 'MAMA' and 'DADA'. Her favorite thing to do right now is RASPBERRIES! NON-stop! Its so funny, until your feeding her and she does it right in your face! The older girls still just carry her around like she is a baby doll, Ellie tries to pick her up by her neck! We have to always remind her to be soft! She loves her softie and still sucks her thumb, usually only at bed time. I love to rock her in her room while she drinks her bottle as we listen to her lullaby. It wont be much longer that she will let me do that.....I wish I could pause life for a while when they are in these really fun stages, before I know it I wont have any babies left in the house and they'll all be running around doing their own thing and going to school. Im so happy I have blogged Ellie and Berklee for their 1st year and updates, I wish it would have been around when Kensi and Brinley were babies. I love you Berklee, SO much! Your just the happiest little girl around and you bring so much joy and laughs to our lives everyday and I can't imagine life without you!! Love Mommy :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby teeth

I noticed Kensi's big teeth were coming in last week, with her baby teeth still in place. Only 1 was BARELY loose, so we went and saw Dr. Nate today (best pediatric dentist ever) and he pulled them out. He said they would have never come out on their own, he was even having a hard time getting them out. Kensi is SO excited to be just like her other friends, I'm pretty sure she is the only one that hasn't lost any teeth yet, or even had a loose one! She looks so big now!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Birthday Girls

I took Ellie and Berklee to Fotofly for their 1st and 2nd birthday pictures on Thursday, we got Tia again and she did great! I love Fotofly! Geniuses! They both did pretty well this time, Berklee wouldn't hardly smile, but she didn't scream, so that was great. I made the cupcake cake, and wanted a great smash picture, but she just wasn't having it! I did shove her face in at the very end! I'm so mean! Happy birthday to my babies!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party Time!

We had a big party at our house on Father's Day to celebrate that and Berklee and Ellie's birthday's. We also celebrated the rest of the June birthday's. I kind of hate hosting the party, just because I forget to take pictures!! So there aren't many! I rented a cotton candy machine, BIG HIT!! Ill be doing that again for future parties. Brad and I bought the girls a HUGE inflatable water slide (We asked all of the grandma's to give the babies cash for their gift to go towards it since it was pretty pricy!) All the kids loved it, but of course I didn't get even 1 picture of anybody on it. I made a cupcake cake, it turned out pretty cute, and gave Ellie and Berklee their own big cupcake, Ellie blew out her candles about 10 times, but didn't even want 1 bite of it. Berklee on the other hand.....ate almost her whole cake! It took her a few minutes to get going, but she figured it out! The girls got a bunch of cute clothes, baby dolls and of course a TON of treats! It was a great party and I'm glad both sides of our family made it. I just wish I would have gotten more pictures! Oh well. Next party! Happy Birthday (party) to my 2 big girls!!