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Friday, January 13, 2012

6 months!

Berklee is 6 months old! She loves to eat, and is loving all baby foods, still loves her bottle too. She is rolling all over the place, and now "swimming"! I bet she will be scooting in the next couple weeks. Her new favorite thing to do is jump in her bouncer, a couple weeks ago I heard her jumping like crazy downstairs, then it was really quite. I walked down and she had passed out!! It was so cute! She loves to grab your face and laughs at pretty much anything you do. She chews on her hands and feet non-stop, so I think she will get a tooth soon. She went to her 6 month check-up last week and she weighs 15lbs 3oz (40%) and is 25.5 inches (40%) so she is just perfect! She did have an ear infection, which suprised me because she hadn't acted sick or fussy at all. She is at such a fun age! And she is just changing so fast! We love you Berkie Turkey Werkie!! :)



Aww! She is just too cute! How did our girls grow up so fast?! I hate that! You're so good at blogging, I really need to start it up again!

Ben and Heidi said...

dont even tell me she is already 6 months old. The time goes way to fast.