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This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Disneyland is only 66 days away! Let the countdown begin!! :) YAY!!

8 months!

Berkie turkey is 8 months! She is going into big girl mode, crawling all over the place! We have to watch her like a hawk because every single teeny tiny thing goes straight into her mouth! She is still sleeping like crazy, but she is staying awake longer during the day. Seperation anxiety is getting worse, if you leave the room she screams, so somebody has to be with her at all times. She also now thinks she needs to be held at all times! Which sadly doesnt get to happen most of the time! She loves to just snuggle up on my shoulder, so I really like the time we have, just her and me. She loves to play with Ellie when she isnt getting pushed down or her hair pulled! Poor baby! She is starting to get excited when she sees certain people and she is wanting to stand up all the time. I have a rule Berkie, NO walking until we get home from Disneyland! She is still just the happiest little thing and never cries unless she is tired! We love you so much turkey, your going to be 1 before I know it!!

Happy Birthday Brinley!!

Brinley is 5. Where has the time gone? Seems like just last week I was going in to have her. I hope those memories never fade.....

The weekend before her birthday we drove down to Orem to go to the Disney store and let her pick whatever she wanted for her present. She chose a Repunzel hair halo, the matching wand, sunglasses, and Tinkerbell placemat, plate and cup. On her actual birthday I had to sleep for a few hours since I had worked the night before, but she woke up to a "real" Beauty and the Beast (the one we had was a bootleg from Hong Kong that didnt work in the van) and a Tink balloon. She chose to go to Nickelcade, come to find out it was closed, we do live in Utah after all. So then she wanted to go bowling. She is actually VERY good!! Then it was McDonald's for dinner. We had gone to dinner with Brad's family the week before, which was a nightmare, and she got lots of cute stuff. On President's day we had our family and some friends over for pizza, JUSTIN BIEBER cake and ice cream. She got spoiled again! We love you Brinley! I cant believe your almost a Kindergartener! Your so smart and funny, and your so tender hearted and cry so easily! I hope you had a great birthday!! :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 months!

Berkie is 7 months old, the time is just going by too fast. She can now sit up, and loves to just sit there and play with her toys. She is loving all baby food, including the "dinners". She still doesnt have any teeth, and not even a sign of one. This kid LOVES her sleep! She goes to bed at 6:30 every night, and doesnt wake up until between 8-930. Some days we even have to wake her up! She takes another nap around 11:30ish and sleeps until 3:30. She is ALWAYS happy, only cries when she wants food, a clean bum or her crib. Her new thing is trying to see the DVD player in the car, its so funny since she faces backwards! She sits up as far as she can and turns her head. She loves to play peek-a-boo and once in a while she will give some kisses. She is also now LOVING the bath since she is out of her baby tub, she just kicks and splashes like crazy! We love you turkey, slow it down a little ok?! :)