The Nordberg's Est. 2004

This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Birthday Girls

I took Ellie and Berklee to Fotofly for their 1st and 2nd birthday pictures on Thursday, we got Tia again and she did great! I love Fotofly! Geniuses! They both did pretty well this time, Berklee wouldn't hardly smile, but she didn't scream, so that was great. I made the cupcake cake, and wanted a great smash picture, but she just wasn't having it! I did shove her face in at the very end! I'm so mean! Happy birthday to my babies!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party Time!

We had a big party at our house on Father's Day to celebrate that and Berklee and Ellie's birthday's. We also celebrated the rest of the June birthday's. I kind of hate hosting the party, just because I forget to take pictures!! So there aren't many! I rented a cotton candy machine, BIG HIT!! Ill be doing that again for future parties. Brad and I bought the girls a HUGE inflatable water slide (We asked all of the grandma's to give the babies cash for their gift to go towards it since it was pretty pricy!) All the kids loved it, but of course I didn't get even 1 picture of anybody on it. I made a cupcake cake, it turned out pretty cute, and gave Ellie and Berklee their own big cupcake, Ellie blew out her candles about 10 times, but didn't even want 1 bite of it. Berklee on the other hand.....ate almost her whole cake! It took her a few minutes to get going, but she figured it out! The girls got a bunch of cute clothes, baby dolls and of course a TON of treats! It was a great party and I'm glad both sides of our family made it. I just wish I would have gotten more pictures! Oh well. Next party! Happy Birthday (party) to my 2 big girls!!

My little tumblers....

Kensi and Brinley had their yearly tumbling recitle last night. They both did SO amazing! Kensi went first, she can do a back handspring back tuck all by herself. She is the youngest in her class and just looks so tiny compared to everyone else! She did so great. Brinley was next, she is getting so great, she can do a backbend kick over and is great at running round-offs. Their little dances were so cute! We were so proud of them and yelled and clapped after every one of their tricks! I am so thankful to my sister-in-law Jamie (and all of her sister's who my girls just love SOOO much!) for letting the girls tumble. She is so generous and lets them go for free. They probably wouldn't be able to go if it wasn't for her. They are all such great gymnasts and are such great teachers. We LOVE watching them do their favorite tricks at the end of the performance! I cant wait to see what Kensi and Brinley learn by this time next year!! Love you my little tumbling girls!!