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This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

11 months!

I can't believe this is my last post before Berklee's 1st birthday! This year has just flown on by! Little miss is changing so much, so fast! She is cruising all over furniture, getting brave and letting go. It lasts for approx. 2.5 seconds before she falls. She does the CUTEST, FUNNIEST FAKE smile/cry you will ever see! I am yet to get it pictured. Her favorite game is "you hold me, no, YOU hold me!" Back and forth all day long. Still sleeping way more than any other baby this age I know, she hasn't been getting up before 9:30 AM for the last 2 weeks that Kensi has been off track, then back to bed by 1PM, I usually have to wake her around 3:30-4 and in bed for the night anywhere between 7-8PM. She has been refusing breakfast for the last 2 weeks too, still loves her milky. Our favorite thing to do together is rock in her room before bed, lights off, lullaby on, while drinking her ba-ba and rubbing her nose with her softy. She is just the happiest baby around, never fusses or cries unless tired or hungry, she is so chill and just goes with the flow. I guess being #4 you have to be that way! Love you Turkey Berkie! My baby forever!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Its official, I have 2 kids in elementary school! Brinley had her preschool graduation last Thursday night at her new "big" school. They always do the cutest little program, and Im SO mad at myself for not checking my video camera the night before, I had no DVD's left, so didnt get any of it on video. The steggosaraus song the kdis sang was HILLARIOUS! I could not stop laughing! They were mostly happy and fun songs, and I think thats why I was able to hold it together this time, thank goodness! I can't believe I dont have anyone in preschool this up coming year. My kids are all just growing up so fast! Were so proud of you Brinley, you are more than ready for Kindergarten, and you will LOVE it! We love you!! :)

2 years!!

Where has the time gone? I remember this day like it was yesterday.....

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie Mae!! She has changed so much lately. She is talking all the time, and she just seems so grown up all of the sudden. Every time Berklee wakes up she says to her: "Hi baby, Hi Girl, so cute! (but sounds like hi beebee, hi giiiiiii, so toot!) She wants a hug and kiss from everyone if they are leaving, her favorite word is no. She gets her feelings hurt very easily and doesnt like to be in trouble. She will cross her arms and look down at the floor when she is in trouble. She has to walk everywhere we go, and throws a fit if you make her sit in the cart. She could jump on the tramp all day long if you let her. She will no longer stay in her crib, or her room. She can get the child door knob cover off and now she wont leave her diaper on either. So this week she is getting a big girl bed, we just put on a door knob that locks from the outside, and were starting to potty train! Her favorite foods right now are cheese, yogurt, JUICY, milky, and chicken nuggets. And for the last month she will only eat breakfast maybe 2 times per week. Her favorite show is Jake and the neverland pirates, Mickey mouse clubhouse, and her all time favorite movie is "beast" or Beauty and the Beast, and "hook" or Peter Pan. Oh, and this kid's favorite thing to do is GO BYE BYE!! Thats all I hear all day long! We got her a 3 wheel scooter for her birthday and a helmet, and she loves it! She doesnt know how to ride it yet, so she gets on and wants to be pushed around. Brad also got the girls a power wheels 4 wheeler from someone at work, and she loves to drive that. I cant believe Ellie is 2 already. She is just so sweet and loves to love everyone. We love you so much Monkey!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We had SOOOO much fun at Disneyland this year! We drove to Mesquite and stayed the night on the way there. Hailey decided at the last minute she wanted to come with us so Brad and I got to go to the casino and gamble while she stayed back with the girls. The next day we got to our hotel in the afternoon, my friend Stephanie her hubby and her 2 kids came down, so we saw them for a little bit that day and then spent most of the day Tuesday with them at the park. Stephanie had Minnie Mouse necklaces made for all of us girls, they were so cute! I'm so happy they came down, I loved seeing them all! Kensi and Brinley became best little friend's with Brooklynn immediately. And they were all so sad when we had to go our seperate ways! We took Kensi and Brinley the first night to Disney since they were open late. We went on all the big rides the babies couldn't go on. My gramma and papa came with us too, so they stayed back with the babies at the hotel the 1st night. The next 4 days were so fun! We went on everything as many times as we wanted, it looked PACKED, but we really didn't have to wait for any rides. Toy Story always has a long line, so we did wait 45 minutes for that, but everything else we just walked right on. It was the perfect time of year to go, the weather was great too. Hot in the morning, but cold at night. Kensi and Brinley were so brave and went on Tower of Terror. Brinley went 2 times, only because we made her, and cried both times. Kensi went 1 time and loved it! Brinley's favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Kensi's favorite was Ariel's Undersea Adventure and Space Mountain. Ellie and Berklee both loved Pirates and Its a small world. But we all loved every single ride! We ate at Goofy's Kitchen on the 2nd night for dinner, it was pricey, but worth it! The food was good, and all the main characters came around for pictures and autographs. The girl's got to meet pretty much everyone, the only thing we didn't do was the princess fair and Tinkerbell. I wish we would have, but the lines were always so long, and they got to see all of them last time we went. On the way home we decided to drive straight through since we got to Vegas at 1. I'm so glad we did! The kids did really well considering they were in the car for 12 hours by the time we got home! We were all very sad to leave (except Hailey, she couldn't wait to get home. Oh, and Papa, the kids were driving him nuts!). I cant wait to start planning our trip for next year!

10 months!

A little late posting this! Berklee is 10 months old! She just had her first trip to Disneyland and LOVED it! She has her 2 bottom front teeth, refuses to eat almost all baby foods. She only wants REAL food! She is still a great sleeper, sleeps from 630-7PM until around 730AM and takes 1-2 naps a day. She crawls really fast and pulls herself up on all the furniture. Not letting go or taking steps yet, which is fine with me! She is also going up all the stairs, but cant go down. She loves to be held. We love you Turkey! I cant believe how fast this first year has gone by!