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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 years

Ellie is 3! I cant believe it. Time is just flying by. We went to dinner at Italian Village the night before her birthday for yummy pizza benders. On her birthday she woke up to presents and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. We just kind of bummed around for the day and had the grandparents over for a little BBQ and cake. Ellie was really hoping for a Jake cake and party, but nowhere made the cake, so she decided on Tangled (which is her favorite anyway). She got lots of fun presents and a new big wheel. She is talking up a storm and seems like such a big girl. Today I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she said, "NO! I have to get a mermaid tale first!!" She is a goofy little girl and loves to make crazy faces and dances. She still throws the occasional tantrum, but for the most part she is pretty well behaved. Her new nickname for everyone is Mr. Kitty or Mr.Pants. She loves Full House and is always quoting it, she will walk up to complete strangers and say "HOW RUDE!" Or "You got it dude!" We are taking her softie less places, but she still sleeps with it every night, her and the girls have sleep overs all the time and watch movies. A few funny things she says -BEDonalds (Mcdonalds) Chicken and a play (chick fil a) Shobell (shovel)
Ellie's Favorite things:
TV Show: Doc Mcstuffins
Movie: Sord in the Stone
Food: Treats of any kind
Toy: Dress up, CONSTANTLY
Outside: Tramp and sand box
Clothes: Minnie dress
Disney character: Pascal
We finally put up her big girl bed, she has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor forever, and she has a tv in her room which she just loves. We love you Monkey girl, stop growing so fast!!


Heidi Goodman said...

She is such a little cutie