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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Disneyland 2015

We finally made it to Disneyland!! We had to wait 2 long years for this trip, but it seemed like a lifetime! Being in nursing school did not allow any extra time for vacation. So we were even more excited than normal to get there! We stayed at a hotel we hadnt before and it was great being right across the street. The first day was SO hot and pretty busy, we decided to skip the park the next day and hit the beach. San Clemente is where the beach house was I used to go to as a child with Bonnie, Stephanie and Melissa. Its so beautiful there, I wish we could afford to live there! We spent the next 4 days in the park, open to close. The last 2 days were nice, overcast and not too busy. This trip was extra special, it was the first time we have ever been with just our little family, and all the kids were over 40" so they could ride almost every ride. We took Ellie and Berklee on Tower of Terror 3 times, before they refused! They were such good sports and didnt cry until it was over. Ellie sat in the front on Splash Mountain and was not amused! I didnt have my phone with me to snap a pic of her face, but I will never forget it, it was hilarious! She was so scared! They all LOVED Space Mountain! We had such a great time and made some great memories! We had the cutest Disney name board made, and I got the girls silhouettes done, which Ive been wanting to do for a long time. We will be returning in October for some Disney trick or treating with the Winn's!! Cant wait!