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This is the story of our life with 4 little girls, full time jobs, school and the craziness that comes with it all!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Disneyland 2015

We finally made it to Disneyland!! We had to wait 2 long years for this trip, but it seemed like a lifetime! Being in nursing school did not allow any extra time for vacation. So we were even more excited than normal to get there! We stayed at a hotel we hadnt before and it was great being right across the street. The first day was SO hot and pretty busy, we decided to skip the park the next day and hit the beach. San Clemente is where the beach house was I used to go to as a child with Bonnie, Stephanie and Melissa. Its so beautiful there, I wish we could afford to live there! We spent the next 4 days in the park, open to close. The last 2 days were nice, overcast and not too busy. This trip was extra special, it was the first time we have ever been with just our little family, and all the kids were over 40" so they could ride almost every ride. We took Ellie and Berklee on Tower of Terror 3 times, before they refused! They were such good sports and didnt cry until it was over. Ellie sat in the front on Splash Mountain and was not amused! I didnt have my phone with me to snap a pic of her face, but I will never forget it, it was hilarious! She was so scared! They all LOVED Space Mountain! We had such a great time and made some great memories! We had the cutest Disney name board made, and I got the girls silhouettes done, which Ive been wanting to do for a long time. We will be returning in October for some Disney trick or treating with the Winn's!! Cant wait!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

3 years

Ellie is 3! I cant believe it. Time is just flying by. We went to dinner at Italian Village the night before her birthday for yummy pizza benders. On her birthday she woke up to presents and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. We just kind of bummed around for the day and had the grandparents over for a little BBQ and cake. Ellie was really hoping for a Jake cake and party, but nowhere made the cake, so she decided on Tangled (which is her favorite anyway). She got lots of fun presents and a new big wheel. She is talking up a storm and seems like such a big girl. Today I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she said, "NO! I have to get a mermaid tale first!!" She is a goofy little girl and loves to make crazy faces and dances. She still throws the occasional tantrum, but for the most part she is pretty well behaved. Her new nickname for everyone is Mr. Kitty or Mr.Pants. She loves Full House and is always quoting it, she will walk up to complete strangers and say "HOW RUDE!" Or "You got it dude!" We are taking her softie less places, but she still sleeps with it every night, her and the girls have sleep overs all the time and watch movies. A few funny things she says -BEDonalds (Mcdonalds) Chicken and a play (chick fil a) Shobell (shovel)
Ellie's Favorite things:
TV Show: Doc Mcstuffins
Movie: Sord in the Stone
Food: Treats of any kind
Toy: Dress up, CONSTANTLY
Outside: Tramp and sand box
Clothes: Minnie dress
Disney character: Pascal
We finally put up her big girl bed, she has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor forever, and she has a tv in her room which she just loves. We love you Monkey girl, stop growing so fast!!

Disneyland 2013

Disneyland this year was great! The weather was great, not too crowded and just as magical as always!! We extended our trip by a few days, We left on Thursday after work, stayed in Vegas at The Silverton which was awesome! Not only was it only $60 they had an aquarium with mermaids swimming in it, the girls were in heaven. We took the girls to M&M world, Coca-cola factory and the Shark Reef while we were there. We got to CA on Sat. We attempted to go to Newport, but it was SO busy! No parking anywhere and tourists galore. So we got to do a beach drive by. I was pretty sad about that. The beach is in my soul. We got all settled in the hotel, went shopping and swimming and had a fun relaxing night. Everyday after that we were up VERY early and out at the park until closing, we just cant waste 1 minute when we are there!! The only ride that was closed was Big Thunder, which is one of our favorites. But we were very happy that Space mountain was back up and running! The girls had so much fun, we didn't meet as many characters as I would have liked to, but there is always next time! Kensi and Brinley were finally tall enough for CA screamin, and they LOVED it! Kensi cried in line, but had so much fun once we were on. We didn't do Small World 500 times like last year, but we did the teacups a lot, pirates (which Ellie says she hates because of the hills!) and Tower of Terror. My cousins and Aunt Sharon came and met us at the park for a few days, it was so nice to see them all and nice to meet a few too! I hadn't seen them in so long! My friend Kim and her cute girls who my girls just LOVE and miss so much met us at Ariel so the girls could ride together, they were so happy to see each other, it was darling. We had such a blast, and we are so depressed to be back to reality!! Hopefully we can plan a trip in 2014! Until next time Disneyland, the land that we love the most!

More teeth

The girls all went for their check-up at the dentist last week. Kensi's top tooth was pretty loose and her bottom 2 were becoming shark teeth, so we made an appt for the following week to have all 3 pulled. The night before that I pulled out her top one. Poor kid, 3 teeth out and a cavity filled in less than 24 hours. The other girls all were great, no cavities. Berklee went for the first time, but I didnt get any pictures of her. She sat there and let him do everything and didnt fight it at all. The dentist's exact words about her mouth were "She is going to be an Ortho's nightmare!" Her mouth is very narrow and tiny. Just like the rest of her!

21 Months

Berklee is 21 months already! She is so TINY still, her new nickname is Shorty. She still barely speaks, just screams and says what she wants, when she wants. She is going through the "I'll eat a little today, nothing tomorrow and pig out the day after" phase. She is getting pretty picky about her food, and wants to feed herself. I think she will be a lefty. She loves to take a bath, and will not leave her diaper on if she has a chance to get it off. Her personality is so funny, she is being so goofy lately! Making all kinds of crazy faces and noises! She still lets me rock her every night before bed, which I love. Love you so much big (little) girl! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today we had to say goodbye to our dog Shyla. She was approx 10-11 years old and has been with our family for 7 of those years. She was the greatest dog you could ever ask for. She had been showing signs of aging in the last couple years, and lately it had just gotten worse. She could barely go up the stairs, no matter how much she ate she was so skinny and didnt get out of bed often. Not to mention her teeth started falling out. So we knew it was time for her to go to doggy heaven. Its a sad day, but we know she is in a better place. We love you Shy, thanks for all the great memories! "Goodbye NANA..............."


Kensi FINALLY lost her 1st tooth on her own! It took forever to get loose and even longer to get the thing out! We were literally pulling on that tooth with all of our might, and it was just barely hanging there! I thought I was going to have to call the dentist to get it out, but then we got it. It was very traumatic and there were a lot of tears!

18 months!!

Growing so fast! Actually not really! Berklee is such a tiny little thing. I took her in for her check-up, and she is 21 lb 6 oz (10%) and 31.25 inches (25%). She takes after the older girls and needs extra calories where she can get them! She still isnt talking much, mostly just screams. She can say, mama, dada, bye bye, hi, hot, no, uh-oh, I think thats about it. She tries to say a few other things too. Naps now are a mere 2 hours, if Im lucky, and that is only 1x per day. But she does sleep at least 12 hours every night, so I cant complain. She loves to give hugs and kisses, and will give you a million kisses in a row, and say maaaaaaaa! very loud after each one. She isnt a big eater these days and loves to feed most of her food to the dog. She will get a string cheese out of the fridge, have me open it, and immediately hand it to the dog. silly girl. She loves to play with my phone, she shattered the screen so bad you can barely read anything on it. She is constantly standing up on the counter or table, and emptying all ziplocs out of the box and tupperwear out of the drawers. She has 9 teeth, and another molar on the way. She hates the car, gets pissed all the time, even with a movie on. Gets even more pissed if she cant get her socks off. You cannot get her to keep socks or shoes on. loves to do rasperries and click her tongue, her favorite shows are Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and spongebob. Her favorite foods are strawberry oatmeal, yogurt, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese apples and oranges, oh and she LOVES rice crackers and toast.